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Despite its name, the greenish-yellow grass snake, commonly called green whip snake (Hierophis viridiflavus, formerly Coluber viridiflavus) does not have a single green scale. Its shell is nevertheless very unusual with its yellow and black colours which makes it one of our most beautiful snakes as you will easily agree.   With such colour, this…

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What is a pond? It is a permanent and still water stretch (there is no current). Its depth doesn’t exceed one meter which allows the sun to heat the bottom of the pond, contrarily to lakes which are much deeper. Why are ponds disappearing? In the past there was always a pond near farmhouses, for…

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May 2014

Information materials made in » children’s corner » for hand-outs and for display in gites …there are many more to come…. Communication materials are recycled: e-colouring   We musn’t get used to dirt… «let’s get out of the bath … Our summer projects Making bird houses Photo rallies in the Suin valley Improving the hut…

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