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Have fun and discover canoeing and kayaking

You can go canoeing or kayaking on the Creuse, Anglin, Gartempe  and a bit on the Claise.


The Creuse (downstream Argenton-sur-Creuse)...

...wide river where a lot of castles are reflected in its still waters Beyond the Blanc, it becomes more  of a sunken river with cliffs which anyone can have access to by canoes, (you just need to carry them a bit in some places).


This slow flowing river runs through woods and forests in all peacefulness Downstream from saint-Hilaire-sur-Benaize, it forms like a mill pond of swirl- less current (accessible to all canoe lovers with only a few places when carrying is needed, and a few dam bars).


Creuse Canoë (français) :

8 downstream canoe ride descriptions for the Creuse river from Fresselines to Néons-sur-Creuse.Publication: Comité Départemental de l'Indre de Canoë-Kayak

For sale at 10 € + 1,33 euros for transport fees.

Several professionals offer day or half-day downstream rides with a shuttle service, with or without accompaniment once you have reached your destination.

The Tournon-Saint-Martin open water site offers a flexible and fun park with the omniflots obstacle system and an available water flow of 0 to 12m3/s. regulated by an electronic pump; kayaking, rafting, , air boat open water swimming under the surveillance of a qualified instructor. A lot of competitions take place there.