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LPO bird sanctuary


The LPO bird sanctuary network is the most prominent group of ecological gardens in France. Since the date of its creation back in 1912, the number of sanctuaries has steadily increased from 250 in 1924 to 15000 owners nowadays.

LPO Bird sanctuaries according to the national LPO_association

LPO bird sanctuaries allow individuals as well as corporate people to lead practical biodiversity conservation actions Either in a garden, a park or on your doorstop, whether it be in the city or in the countryside, nature can reveal itself extremely rich and diverse. Even the smallest of spaces, like a balcony in the heart of town, can become a nature sanctuary. Unfortunately, numerous once common species are facing difficulties such as the house martin, the blue bird or the June bug. By simple gestures and with a bit of common sense, you can protect nature and disrupt the loss of biodiversity. The LPO bird sanctuary programme gives you all the practical guidelines to do so. Hesitate no longer and create your own LPO bird sanctuary.


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